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Three Important Keys to Writing Engaging Website Content

writing-engaging-website-content2Many of my clients ask me how to write engaging website content. My only response is simply 1) Understand your readers and 2) Keep it real.

It can’t get any simpler than that. But we all know that simple and easy are two TOTALLY different things!

Though I love to write, I’m not a content writer so I don’t write content for others’ websites. I leave that part to the Pros!

So if you’re struggling with your website content, it’s always best to hire a professional to do so. If necessary, leave room in your budget just for this purpose. Interview content writers, check their work, and you should end up with polished, professional content. I often explain that having a great looking website but crappy content defeats the purpose of having an online presence. You don’t perform your own surgery, do you? Of course not. You go to a surgeon! Okay, I digress… : – )

In any case, you should understand the three important keys to writing engaging website content, regardless if you hire someone else to do it or you do it yourself.

1) Purpose

Every page on your website should have a purpose. Go through each of your pages and think about the particular action you want your visitors to take. Is it to sign up for your newsletter, click to another page, simply inform, buy something, contact you?

Whatever it is, be sure to clearly tell your visitor what their next step should be. I’ve learned that if you want people to do something, you have to just tell them!

2) Understand Your Readers

Who are your readers? What do they want from you? What are they seeking on your website? They obviously are looking for information, looking to be entertained, looking for help, or something similar.

Therefore, when you understand this concept, you will be among the 10% (yes, I just made that statistic up but I’m sure it’s a really low number!) of website owners who will succeed in writing very effective, persuasive, and engaging website content.

Another tip in understanding your readers is to write like you’re talking to ONE reader. I find that I’m more engaged when the author is speaking directly to me using words such as “you” and “yours.”  In addition, establish rapport with your readers by showing them you understand their concerns. Let them know how and why you have the means to help them.

3) Keep It Real!

Whatever you do, always, always, always write (or have your content written) in your voice or your flavor. If you hire someone to write your content, they should be able to understand who you are as a person (personality, character, humor level, etc.) in order to write on your behalf.  Your readers need to know you’re legitimate and trust me when I say that your visitors are some smart cookies and are usually good at detecting fakeness!

Be honest at all times with your implications as well. Display the true cost of products and services if you list pricing.  Tell people they’ll be added to your newsletter if they sign up for a free resource. Appeal to your visitors’ intelligence and true needs. Otherwise, your reputation will go down the drain faster than rap stars go to jail! LOL

In the End

Following these three important keys to writing engaging website content will ultimately result in a successful website. Remember that you best serve your own interests by serving your readers’ interests. Eventually, the results you see will be incredible!

Your turn…

What else do you do to create engaging website content? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share with your network!



  1. Cathy Miller

    Being a writer, I love this advice, Kesha – LOL! :-D I would say, however, you definitely don’t need a content writer because you follow your own advice of keeping it real.

    One of the things I love the most about my fellow writers is that it is such a generous community that likes to help each other out. I think that is true of any community so understanding and keeping it real is great advice.

    I like your style, Kesha. :-)
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Spokeo Touts Its 300 Million Profiles-Is Yours BackMy Profile

    • Kesha

      Well thank you Cathy! I try ;-)

      I love the idea of a community as well. People are so helpful and open and I thrive in these types of groups! So glad to have met you as well – another great benefit of communities :-)

  2. Stella | List Building

    Hey Kesha, you know – you hit the nail on the head, spot-on “Who are your readers? What do they want from you? What are they seeking on your website”.

    As you say, many bloggers seem to miss it – perhaps blogging ‘blogging’, blogging anything – and forgetting that there should be a listening side, a well defined listeners demographics on the other side. May be just that some people start off blogging without first defining their market and who they want to target their writing at.

    It’s important to always get this right and align your writing with your purpose.

    Thanks for touching on a vital ‘industry concern’.
    Stella recently posted..Promote Yourself and Share What You Do!My Profile

    • Kesha

      @Stella, you’re right that many new bloggers don’t really have a purpose and therefore, they can’t truly address what their readers want.

      Thanks for your valuable input on this. The more we share out thoughts like this, the more people (hopefully) really understand website content and become better at it for a win-win solution for website owners and readers alike! :-)

      • Stella | List Building

        @Kesha, an option for people struggling with creating their own contents could be quality PLRs (from tried and tested sources) that they can easily rewrite to their own style in order to lend their voice to it. If they look at PLRs as research material not to be used “as is”, they’d be able to use it to satisfy their readers’ expectations.
        Stella recently posted..Promote Yourself and Share What You Do!My Profile

        • Kesha

          Yeah, I’m looking into some high quality PLR myself to help with some ebook projects so you’re absolutely right.

          The trick is, like you said, is to use it as inspiration and not copy and publish as is! I think people don’t understand PLR’s purpose and how to re-purpose it and make it their own :-)

    • Kesha

      @Jeanine, no problem. I think that’s a worthwhile exercise for ya :-)

    • Kesha

      @rawkinmom, thank you so much for your feedback. Hope to see you back soon!

      btw: I just left your lovely blog and like the color (no pun intended) scheme ;-)

    • Kesha

      @The Cubicle Chick, I have a couple on call if you know anybody who needs a content writer.

      I’ve seen it too many times where people underestimate the value of hiring someone to write for them (especially their main business/company pages). They’re not seeing the big picture and think they can do it themselves when the end result clearly shows they can’t! SMH :-)

    • Kesha

      @Ryan Biddulph, absolutely! I like what you said – “when we hide from others, others hide from us…” Love it!

  3. TS Redmond Mize

    This is such excellent advice and it is advice I give anyone who is looking to write for the web. If you want to ensure that you are never in danger of the Google slap- you create engaging, real content that people want to see.
    TS Redmond Mize recently posted..Learn to be stillMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @TS Redmond Mize, that’s what it’s all about! We, bloggers, are doing a better job of this but small businesses (who blog secondary or who is just starting to create website content) suffer with this often. My hope is to make it clear the importance of content and encourage them to hire a professional if they are unable to do so themselves! :-)

      • TS Redmond Mize


        Hey, you know I hope they’ll contact a professional- that’s what we do! :)

        I have seen some pretty horrific examples of that, myself- you do a search for something, a professional service, for instance. Pull up their site, the copy’s awful, the blog is littered with misspelled words and you really think: “Well, if they can’t spellcheck and pay attention to detail for this- how else do they fail?”
        Not to be rude, but it is what it is.
        TS Redmond Mize recently posted..Learn to be stillMy Profile

        • Kesha

          Girl, like you, when I see misspelled words (not just one or two but a whole lot) i cringe and go elsewhere!

          BTW: if you see any mistakes on my site – PLEASE let me know immediately ;-) Trust me, I want to know!

  4. Lisa Selow

    Kesha, enjoyed this post very much. I relate to the bit about keeping it real. I like to write in a conversational tone. I also like to answer the client’s question, “What’s in it for me?” I try my best to address it. I also enjoy using humor. I try to write authentically about my life too, so that people know I’m human. Thanks for this post!
    Lisa Selow recently posted..Did You Know That You Are Loved Part 2My Profile

    • Kesha

      Hey Lisa! Visited your site and yes, you have a very conversational tone and I love it! I can tell that you would talk the same way if we were talking live. That’s the type of writing that really gets people engaged, at least for me it does.

      FYI – you did well addressing the WII-FM (what’s in it for me) question on your site! :-)

      P.S. I love your image! I like to consider myself unconventional most times so your site resonates with me!

  5. Peter L Masters MCIM

    Kesha, hi and how are you?? Good writing as always and there’s some points I just totally agree with. Once you’ve found your voice as a Blogger it is so, so important to be consistent, you call it flavor and I like that! People come expecting to hear your voice, that’s what they like, they’ll be very confused and disappointed if you’ve either gone super serious or ultra hip. Come back for a reason, consistency is everything. Subject wise I’m OK with construction, property and Social Media, some big areas to cover, right? And my purpose is to help the construction and property sector appreciate the benefits of Social Media? It wouldn’t work if I wrote 1,000 words on tadpole breeding or ballet. People just wouldn’t bother coming back! I was a bit worried that people might not see the funny side of the Social Media satire, but it was OK! (Phew) Why? Because it related to Social Media. Back to consistency!! Good stuff Kesha, I always like your work! All the best, Peter
    Peter L Masters MCIM recently posted..Latest Social Media B2B report- Emerging trends- Social Media Marketing at a glanceMy Profile

    • Kesha

      Hey Peter, I am well! I love it when you stop by :-)

      Yeah, I don’t see your audience loving the ballet or tadpole breeding topics LOL

      You have a very unique niche and you make it really fun so keep doing you! I love your humor which makes reading your posts very entertaining as well as knowledgeable!

      Thank you, Peter, and just keep doing you :-)

  6. Samantha Bangayan

    Simple yet powerful tips, Kesha! Your first point regarding purpose speaks strongly to me! I know I’ve made the mistake of writing without a purpose and it’s clear that many blogs I visit are similar, but I definitely see the value in targeting my writing! Inside I have a purpose, but I haven’t focused my effort to communicate it well through my posts or pages.

    I also love the concept of knowing your readers, your audience. I’ve heard that making polls can be helpful with developing a stronger connection and really listening to what they have to say.

    Thanks for having me think about this, Kesha! =)
    Samantha Bangayan recently posted..Rediscovering the Value of Hidden TreasuresMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @Samantha, yes, polls are a really easy tool to use to just ask your readers what they want so you can send a targeted, bullseye message directly to them.

      Try WP-Polls if you use the self-hosted version of WordPress. Let me know if need any assistance with this.

      Thank your adding your feedback and sharing your experience!

  7. Janet @ The Natural Networker

    Kesha, aloha. Great job with your clear and actionable steps. Though you talked about it, I want to address this topic again.

    Kesha, all too often people don’t understand what their readers/customers want. The blogger knows what they want to say, however, they don’t know the readers/customers want to learn. We “assume” that they want to learn specifics about an industry, product or service which we think is the topic of the blog.

    Instead, what they want to know is “what’s in it for me?” “How will this industry, product or service make a difference in my life?” What they want to read are the stories of how it will benefit them and how it has benefited others.

    In terms of keeping it “real” you are so right, Kesha. Readers/customers want to know that we tell it like it is and that we are approachable. The reason we keep hearing the phrase “People do business with people they know, like and trust” is because it is true. The blog needs to build that relationship.

    And, of course, the easiest way to find out what your readers/customers want is to ask them. Let them give input as to the content of the blog. They can suggest topcis or help develop an outstanding FAQ section.

    All the best to you, Kesha. This post will be a big help to many. Aloha. Janet
    Janet recently posted..3 Life Lessons from Sir Richard Branson By Janet Callaway The Natural NetworkerMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @Janet, hey dear – thank you much for your feedback! Actually, one of my next posts is an “Ask the Reader” type of post so you hit the nail on the head yet again! :-)

      Just like I mentioned to Samantha in an earlier comment, polling/surveying your audience is one of the best ways to get exactly what they need and target messages specifically to them.

      The Know, Like, Trust (KLR) principle is another one of those “simple” yet not easily followed/understood principles and a lot of online marketers/businesses still tend to not follow that rule which only makes those of who do stand out that much more ;-)

  8. Jym Tarrant

    Hey Kesha,

    Love these tips. You’re so right that ‘Simple’ and ‘Easy’ are not the same – in fact sometimes Simple is more difficult to produce than Complex, it takes some effort and real understanding to be able to boil something down to it’s essential parts.

    I agree with all your points, and like you I enjoy writing so I wouldn’t consider outsourcing my main blog, since it is very much my voice. I guess it all depends on what you enjoy doing, and where your strengths lie, but I’d be very cautious in giving away the control of that.

    Thanks for a simple, helpful post!
    All the best,
    Jym Tarrant recently posted..How to Use Attraction Marketing in Your Business part 2 – 7 Easy Steps To More Leads and More MoneyMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @Jym, I can tell you like writing. It shows in your content :-)

      Like you, I can’t see outsourcing my work but as you’ve said, you have to know your strengths and get help in areas you’re not strong in.

      I don’t change my own car oil every 3 months. I take the car to the shop. I know where my strengths are AND I know what I don’t WANT to do (which is another reason to get a pro to handle tasks sometimes) ;-)

  9. Oliver Tausend

    Hi Kesha,

    thanks for the step-by-step outline. I especially like the last topic, your advice to keep it real. People sense when over-promises won’t be delivered and it’s not worth faking anything because it spreads around on the web like wildfire. My strategy is connecting my personal observations and learning experiences with my industry and business I am in. The good thing is that I never will run out of ideas.

    Take care

    Oliver Tausend recently posted..The Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar – Undo The Brainwashing To Poverty Pt 1My Profile

    • Kesha

      @Oliver…and you do such a great job mingling your personal observations and learning experiences. I love it! We never know what new experience you’ll bring our way and turn into a life long lesson. Don’t ever change that! :-)

  10. Tisha

    Hi Kesha,

    Investing in someone to write good content for you and PLR is a good idea, especially if the person is not that good at writing great content or have the time to thoroughly proof read their work before they post it to their blog.

    Hummm…I’m thinking about investing in one of the two or both of them. But, even though I may want some help, I still want to practice my writing until I am able to produce great content too. I know I can do it!

    Thanks for the great tips!

    Tisha recently posted..Autism Spectrum Disorders- A Life Lesson With PDD-NOSMy Profile

    • Kesha

      Hey Tisha, yes – you – can (saying it like Eddie Murphy in Nutty Professor when he was talking himself into losing weight!!!) :-)

      So if it’s something you want to do AND have the time to do it – then by any means, continue your work on it!

      You can always start by enlisting a friend whom you know is good with proofreading and/or editing to assist you.

      However, if your expertise is better spent elsewhere, it may be worth your while to get a pro to help at least for a little while. I find that sometimes, after you get someone to help with the content piece, you start to pick up things and maybe can bring that task back in house.

      Thank you for your feedback and thoughts. I know you can do it too! :-)

  11. Adrienne

    Hey Kesha,

    When I was first getting started online I was told over and over and over again to find out who your prospects were. I was SO confused by this because I had no idea where to even start. Little did I know there were free sites that would help me figure this all out. Hey, it’s a learning experience right!

    Keeping it real is crucial so that people can relate to who you are. I’m sure people are already familiar having been online here for quite some time that people will purchase things from people they know, like and trust. Keeping it real is how you accomplish that because they can connect with you as a real person and not just someone out to get their business.

    Love these tips and always great to have these reminders every now and then. You did an excellent job with this post. Really enjoy it my friend.

    Keep up the great work and you know I’ll be back for more…

    Adrienne recently posted..Cool Tips &amp Tricks to Get You GoingMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @Adrienne, thanks so much for your feedback and kind words my dear!

      You said it well – it’s a learning experience. So I’m curious, what free sites did you use when you got started to help you figure out who your prospects are? Curious minds wanna know ;-)

  12. Diana Simon

    Hi Kesha, I always enjoy your post. One of the reasons it took me so long to blog was because I didn’t what I wanted to blog about. Not knowing my target market or my niche made it seem like I would be writing everything and anything on my blog. Therefore shooting blind and without any purpose. When I got cleared on those two, it made me easy to address my audience. I knew what their problems were and write posts that can help provide them with a solution.

    Keeping it real is what I am all about. I don’t know how I could blog without keeping it real. Sometimes maybe I get too real when I say blogging is hard work and it means lack of sleep. That’s the truth and that’s how I tell it!

    I think even if I do outsource my content, I would need to look it over so that the post fits my style and tone.
    Diana Simon recently posted..5 More WP Plugins For My New BlogMy Profile

    • Kesha

      Thank you Diana!

      I’m so glad you said that once you knew what you wanted to write about and who your audience is, it was EASIER to address them! I hope others see your comment and if they didn’t get anything out of this, they take away that one key point!

  13. Rowena Bolo

    Hey Kesha,

    Love the photo you used by the way =) …You definitely have the skill of sharing what’s really important, and you are truly helping a lot of confused online marketers out there. My blog has honestly evolved, and I can say that I need to seriously apply the changes in terms of my branding. I was originally thinking I would be giving out tips and how-to’s geared towards the technicalities of online marketing. But , I am happy with what I’ve discovered, and I have now identified mentoring, coaching and personal development as my passion.

    Maybe from time to time, I’ll be sharing tips and guides, just like how you do it with your blog, but I leave that to authorities such as yourself! I can easily point them to your lovely blog! =) Thanks Kesha, and I’m so happy to witness how your blog is massively growing, deary!

    - Rowena
    Rowena Bolo recently posted..Meet the Youngest “Enlightened Warrior”My Profile

    • Kesha

      Hey Rowena, thank you so much for your feedback and I do aim to please ;-)

      That’s my goal though, Rowena, help people who find it very confusing, especially with blogging, building a successful online presence for their business, and more!

      I’m glad as well that you’ve found what you are happy to create online and that you are living your passion! That’s what it’s about! If you weren’t, who knows where you might be right now!

      Rowena, you know I appreciate and love all the support you’ve shown me girl so if there’s ever anything I can do for you, you know to just name it *hugs* :-)

  14. Marcus Baker

    Hi Kesha,

    That’s a winning combination of tips you have shared.

    I don’t think people have to be brilliant writers technically, but they do have to know how to communicate the purpose to their audience in ways that the audience will like, respond to and want more of.

    Being yourself when you write and allowing your personality to flow through your communication is what helps people to identify with your message at an emotional level and that’s often what results in a post being memorable as opposed to blah blah blah.

    I think you do a jolly fine job walking the talk Kesha!

    Marcus Baker recently posted..Homeless Woman Becomes Top Business TrainerMy Profile

    • Kesha

      Oh thank you very much Marcus! I try to walk it well ;-)

      P.S. – Per your note about not having to be brilliant writers – I agree. I liken it to this: if you are running a business and are able to easily communicate with people in person, maybe they can just translate the same to their online space (or use audio to do so and have someone else put it to paper and/or edit it).

      There are always options and people can just do what they feel is best :-)

  15. Mavis Nong @ Blog Traffic

    Hey Kesha,

    Excellent tips you’re sharing here. Loved the picture :D

    Your goal should be to meet your visitors’ expectations and exceed them, otherwise they will hit the ‘back’ button in a heart-beat! Although your website represents YOU, it’s not really about you.

    You need to think about what your prospects and customers expect to see on your site — not what you want them to see. It’s also about how you can help them get what they want.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, Kesha.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong recently posted..CuteRank – The Smart Way to Check Your Search Engine RankingsMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @Mavis, that picture is great isn’t it :-)

      Thank you always for your feedback!

  16. Bruce


    I enjoyed your 3 key points, but to me #3 is the most important one. I’ve found that a great way for me to compose a blog post is to use my speech recognition software & “talk” my post – & it seems more “me” that way – then of course clean it up with the keyboard before publishing. Maybe if I was speedier at typing it’d not be an issue getting my “flavor” into the posts.

    btw, I found you through a comment you did on Ana’s Traffic Generation Cafe – a great idea she had, so good I kinda “borrowed” it for my site!

    Bruce recently posted..ActuallyRank – My Initial ThoughtsMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @Bruce, what a wonderful way to speak your voice – literally! :-) I just mentioned it to another commenter that people can speak their words and have someone edit it for them as an option.

      Great minds think alike! ;-)

      Also, I love Ana’s blog and “borrowing” great ideas only speaks to the brilliant ideas others are using to help people like us!

      *Going to check out your ActuallyRank review since I just signed up as well*

  17. Jayne Kopp

    Hey Keisha, how I’ve missed you. I’ve been in and out of the Prove It room, but just busy trying to get caught up and kinda take a step back for a few days in order to breath!!

    first of all I loved this post. it is so true about writing in your own voice. that’s why I use a lot of abbreviated words and poor grammar (LOL)… just because that’s how it flows.

    Isn’t it funny that readers are smart little cookies in some ways yet you have to spell it out to fill in your form or leave a comment in others. Hmmm.

    I have a pile of questions to ask… the one that comes to mind immediately is… as far as if say… I wanted to gather all my links for my posts… (on WP) is there an easy way to do that. I always go into each post to retrieve any links I wish to link to in posts, but its a bit time consuming. I asked this question in our Prove It page in case you visited… or anyone else knew. I have a sneaky suspicion that perhaps there might be a ‘kewl’ trick!

    Hope to see you soon. I’ll be back in the forums this day or two… hope to see you there. We are keeping our FB page I believe for us Prove Its!!

    lotsa love

    Jayne Kopp recently posted..Mission Accomplished – I Proved It!My Profile

    • Kesha

      @Jayne, it’s always lovely to see you dear! I am LOL at your comment about “smart cookies”…yes, it seems that sometimes intelligence only goes so far! :-)

      I attempted to answer your question too in the FB group but if I’m misunderstanding what you need, please don’t hesitate to call me (618-531-3370) or skype me (xdwebsolutions) and I’ll do what I can to help you!

  18. Angela@dogfleas

    hey Kesha I really loved your advice and its really going to help us in making our websites more attractive and user friendly and with your three very important keys I would like to add that writers should also focus on the class of readers and their requirements from their website in writing their websites which will help their website in being more popular amongst the readers.
    Angela recently posted..Treatment For Dog FleasMy Profile

  19. Maria Pavel

    Hi Kesha,

    There are a lot of good content writers out there that work cheap and provide quality content. But i don’t consider hiring one a must do action if you want good content on your blog. Your three steps are a good starting point for any blogger that wants to write his own content and still do it right.
    What i do is mostly think about how my readers would want their articles written and what they would expect next. For exemple, even if i have 1500 words written, there’s no point in making a single article out of them. I wouldn’t read something that long, and i believe my readers would do the same, just skip it. So i place myself in their shoes and split the article in 3-4 parts to make them come back for more tomorrow.
    Quite easy.

    Glad i found you, Maria.
    Maria Pavel recently posted..How to Verify your CNA Certification-LicenseMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @Maria, I’m glad you stopped by and thanks so much for your feedback!

      You are definitely on the right path by thinking about your readers first. It’s a simple step, but one that requires more work for it to really pay off. Congrats to you!

      Splitting apart content is a great method because as you’ve stated, people don’t read long pages of content (generally).

  20. Vera Sharapova

    Hi Kesha. I’m glad I’ve found your blog. I like your 3 clear and doable tips. They’ll help me to write more clearly for my prospects and think about what I want them to do on each page. And yes you have to tell them exactly what to do. Thanks for your post! And picture. I like it.

    • Kesha

      @Vera, thanks for visiting and I’m glad you found this post helpful! Hope to see you back here soon! :-)

  21. Joshua

    I would be lucky if all my readers were… well, like me. :) Then there would be no problem understanding. Unfortunately, gaining some readers will lose you others. You can’t please everyone and you can’t write just to please others. Being true to yourself is more valuable, at least to me.
    Joshua recently posted..Plumbing Schools – Finding the Right Plumbing SchoolMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @Joshua, wouldn’t that be great (if our readers were like us)…Wishful thinking eh?!

      What you said is the ultimate advice for anything we do in life – we can’t please everyone which is why it’s even more important to just stay true to ourselves and create value the best way we know how :-)

      Thanks so much for adding your feedback. Hope to see ya back soon!

  22. James Foster

    It is indeed true that things are to be kept simple and easy. But even much more important is to understand the mindset of your readers so that you put up content that attracts everyone and keeps them stuck to itself.
    James Foster recently posted..Budget Decorating For Your KitchenMy Profile

  23. Pete

    Without other people, no one can be successful online. So one must do it this way, focus on how to improve ones site to attract visitors by addressing to the needs of your reader.
    Pete recently posted..Using Stone in your GardenMy Profile

  24. Antonia

    I believe the biggest mistake one can make when writing an article is trying to offer information in a perfect way. With the competition these days, the best thing one can do is write in an original and unique way, so that it would stand out. Doesn’t really matter what, as long as it brands you.

    • Kesha

      I like that Antonia – the fact that you mentioned to offer information in a unique way versus a perfect way.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  25. Alan Johnson

    It amazes me how many website owners dont actually write their own content. That should be rule number 1….write your own copy!

  26. Veronica Cervera

    Hi Kesha,

    In my opinion, it’s always good to share stories in you’re write up. It’s one way to write an engaging blog content. It puts personal touch to your article and one implication that you are real.

  27. Holliday Vann

    Kesha, I agree that it’s important to know your purpose, your audience, and keep it real with them. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to become a blogger without having a real passion for writing. If you’re not doing something that gives you joy, I think that’s what they call “a job.” My goal when I write a post is to present the information in a more unique way than everyone else. I do this by writing the truth of my feelings about the topic (whether my opinion is popular or not) and by incorporating a few cheesy, cool, or downright crazy graphics. (One day soon, I hope to have visitors to share them with! LOL.)

    @Joshua: Being fearlessly true to yourself is extremely important to me, too, Joshua!
    Holliday Vann recently posted..Broken BarbiesMy Profile

    • Kesha

      @Holliday, I can answer that question (re: why people start blogs and it doesn’t give them joy)…it’s because somewhere, somehow they got it in their heads that you can make millions of dollars by blogging or just having a site. I WISH! I’d be rich now ;-)

      Thanks so much for adding valuable feedback here. Love it!

      P.S. Don’t worry about visitors; just keep writing and connecting with people like you’ve done here and sharing your content all over the place. Find people in your niche to share with too as that can be a huge help. Traffic will follow ;-)

  28. Kate Brown Wilson

    I totally agree with this, these are the main keys we must follow for our website. the content must be brief and direct to the point , for readers to understand easily.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..Fab DefenseMy Profile