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XD Five Star Referral Program

XD web solutions Five Star Referral Program

We have a proposition for you. We want to give you $50, $100, or more! For over five years, XD Web Solutions has been very grateful to those people who have referred our web design services to others. We recognize that word of mouth recommendations are one of the highest compliments any company can receive. So we’ve developed the XD Five Star Referral Program as another way of extending our thanks to you for sending new clients our way and having confidence in our abilities.

Here’s how it works: you send us a referral (someone who’s looking for website design to enhance their business). If your referral enters into an agreement with us for services, we owe you a 10% referral fee.

That could be $50, $100, or more for you depending on their project cost.

Example scenario:

Your friend: “My business needs a new website.”
You: “You should hire XD Web Solutions. Those folks can help you get started!”
(He hires us and his project contract agreement is $1,000)
Us: “Here is your $100.”
You: “Thank you.”
Us: “And Thank You!! Send more our way!”

Payment will be made by PayPal or check (or cash if you’re near me) immediately after the project is complete. Amazingly easy!

  • Just make sure they mention your name when contacting us.
  • There’s no limit to how many sites you can refer to us. If you keep referring, we keep giving!

Please read all the Restrictions and Limitations.



  1. Leslie T.

    I like to share my ideals with other writers that like their work with passion…I believe that passion is a great key to our success. We don’t need second or third opinions to make us work good or hard for our future. I’m in search for writers, producers, directors, buyers, production companies all who are in this same field.

    • Kesha

      No, I don’t have an official affiliate program (yet)…it’s just a basic referral system :-)