5 ONLINE MARKETING PROCESS STEPS FOR MORE LEADS & SALES 1. STRATEGY Target group definition by Buyer Personas (target group representatives, target group description), keyword research, questions and other important topics such as .B. the content marketing plan   2. POSITIONING Design, planning and implementation of the necessary landing pages with all relevant sales-promoting information: texts, […]


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What are the trends in digital marketing for 2021? What new Internet and digital marketing strategies should be integrated into the marketing plan to strengthen your company’s online communication? What are the key technological innovations that will increasingly take hold in 2021 and influence the way we market digital media? The strategy to achieve your goals is […]

How is digital marketing evolved as a major advertising medium in 2021 ?

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Digital marketing stands for the online advertising and marketing of products and services using digital media and technologies. The term “digital marketing” originated at the end of the 1990s and is now mainly used as a synonym for online advertising and marketing. Digital marketing began on the web as a channel for advertising through the Internet. In […]