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What are the trends in digital marketing for 2021? What new Internet and digital marketing strategies should be integrated into the marketing plan to strengthen your company’s online communication? What are the key technological innovations that will increasingly take hold in 2021 and influence the way we market digital media?

The strategy to achieve your goals is based on a well thought-out combination of different tools, tactics and specific techniques. Find out more about this in a time.


Omni-channel marketing refers to the simultaneous, coordinated and coherent management of various online and offline communication channels. This is mainly about a cross-device and medium-medium user experience. Those who believe that they can carry out all marketing campaigns via only one channel – for example, social media, Google ads, e-mail or SEO – will certainly only achieve a fraction of their goals.

Due to the ever-increasing number of messages that companies send to their target groups, an Internet user today is much more resistant to advertising. For this reason, it is essential to multiply all touch points where a user receives information about the company or the products and to reach potential customers wherever possible. In addition, it is becoming increasingly important to repeat and personalize the messages.

Suppose a user clicks an ad they’ve seen on Facebook. From here, he will be redirected to a landing page where he can leave his contact details in exchange for a specific bonus, then the user can receive an email reminding him of your product and offering him a personalized discount.

At the same time, the user sees an ad in Instagram that confirms the characteristics of your product and invites them to request more information via chat. At this point, the user can be involved in a conversation with an operator – or a well-programmed chatbot, which will give them more information. The user’s interest will increase with each touch point, but not so much that he will immediately go on sale. That’s why he will decide to do a Google search for similar products. Here he finds a Google Ads ad from the company, which will repeatedly remind you of the product or service until the user decides to make a purchase.

Essentially, the company must continuously provide communication, collect the resulting data or analyses and on this basis personalize new communication actions and play them repeatedly on as many channels as possible (remarketing).


The increasing complexity of the various marketing campaigns is being supported and created in the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

In summary, AI is able to help the organization identify the behavior of current and potential customers online and plan or execute the optimal responses to these detected actions directly. Google and Facebook are in the process of introducing more and more ways in their advertising platforms, recognizing users’ actions and reactions independently and playing out the best formats and actions.

AI offers more and more scope for use in combination with the automation technologies of the future. For example, marketing automation, analysis, and interpretation of user data and business data that are designed to predict future behavior, promote direct interactions, and much more.

Organizations developing software and applications are constantly optimizing existing and new tools that will play an increasingly important role in automated analysis of data collected, business data management, and customer relationships.


Marketing automation is a number of technologies that automate complex processes of communication.

Combined with artificial intelligence, marketing automation can make achieving goals much easier. Starting with improving communication with users and customers, increasing the effectiveness of e-mail messages and messaging systems, increasing the efficiency of complete e-commerce systems, submitting new purchase proposals based on behavior, business data evaluation and customer evaluation, automated lead evaluation, more accurate forecasts, etc.

In addition, the use of advanced marketing automation software enables you to manage a number of different processes from a single central platform, saving significant time and resources, bringing together the sales and marketing team and greatly facilitating future decisions based on business strategy. Apart from that, the data obtained from it will in turn lead to regular and better strategic decisions.


Conversation marketing is the type of marketing that is based on building a personal, two-way dialogue with a customer or group of customers. It can be said that any kind of digital marketing should focus now and in the future on generating and managing conversations.

In the age of social networks and the ability to identify individual behavior and specific areas of interest of online users, companies no longer have a way out: they need to talk to their current and potential customers.

Companies must be able to meet the needs and wishes of individual users and offer specific solutions. To interpret all the data available to them about the users and, above all, to develop a unique and special dialogue with each person.


Many analysts have been announcing for some time that the SEO era (search engine optimization)as we know it so far is coming to an end. The creation of texts that focus on well-researched keywords embedded in sentences will no longer be enough to get Google to position itself well in the search results pages. Fewer and fewer backlinks are evaluated, as they are easy to manipulate.

In the future, Google will strive to almost completely eliminate external influence on the processes that define the indexing and positioning of pages and websites, replacing everything with automated, independently improving logic based on the active interpretation of text and page content through the use of algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


The use of smartphones means that users are increasingly searching Google from keyboard and text queries. An older feature, but more and more commonly used, is voice search: instead of typing a text that matches what they’re looking for, users talk to Google by simply pronouncing what they want to find. Language search tends to be more free, and the questions tend to be asked more broadly and less focused.

When creating content from an SEO perspective in 2021, you also need to consider how users will make voice queries that are targeted at exactly your content. No easy thing!

Increasingly, visual searches are also being used. Users can upload an image to find other related content. Google Lens even now allows users to take a picture and offer it as a search query. The search engine software is able to identify the content and return other relevant content.

The content that Google Lens can recognize are: barcodes, business cards, books, brochures products of all kinds such as .B clothing, relevant landscapes, excursion destinations, sights or buildings, famous paintings, plants and animals, etc.


Companies that work in local markets, i.e. physically with an area and pot. users will no longer be able to refrain from pursuing strategies that integrate georeferenced, local marketing. Digital marketing in 2021 will aim to increase the search for users in a particular physical area and to convey a range of specific and engaging messages to them.

In Google Search – with Google My Business – as well as in the most important social media, the keyword is: correlation of content with a user’s location.

For example, a store can create specific advertising campaigns for anyone who is in a specific area around the point of sale to encourage them to visit the store. Marketing service providers can, for example, locate visitors to a shopping center by geo-referencing and play out targeted advertising campaigns.


The fact that videos are the most interesting content for Internet users is nothing new. For several years now, they have been the kind of content that appears and is most commonly found and consumed in social media feeds.

All social media algorithms prefer video content over all other types of content. Companies that publish videos are much more likely to reach a broad audience than those that put other forms of content online.

Of course, not any video is effective: companies participating in this competition must aim to create high-quality videos that truly convince users and offer emotions and ideas that stand out from the mass of online content. A company that will be conducting digital video marketing in 2021 needs to think seriously about pushing for a reasonable amount for video marketing and the production of truly high-quality videos. If the budgets for video productions are too high, you can already achieve a lot with cheap live video streams, a smartphone should be enough for this.


Texts with at least 2-3,000 words are most visible on the web according to some attempts and statistics. Companies that focus on blog marketing and content marketing should encourage authors and editors to write long and high-quality content, contact agencies and freelancers who are able to produce rich and in-depth editorial content for marketing.

When it comes to quality, any content should aim to create interactions. Interactions can be integrated into the content itself: for example, surveys, quizzes, videos, clickable items, mini-games, data queries, etc.

In 2021, companies need to be able to convey strong emotions, but above all to add value to the audience through content. The corporate website still plays a very important role in this.

Essentially, good content must be exceptional, detailed, convincing and emotionally binding, between the brand and the audience. It’s not easy, but it’s the challenge 2021 brings to content creators.

Supporting this, there will be new formats designed to focus on such things as  Web Stories. Depending on the topic, a distinction is made between different intentions. If a topic of informative character for the target groups then long and detailed information is needed, but at the same time perhaps a short, emotionally well summarized story that can be “consumed” quickly and in all formats.


The micro-moments can be defined as specific moments when a user is willing to perform a specific action, e.g. to delve a specific topic, subscribe to a service, or buy a product (conversion optimization).

During the customer journey (the journey that a user travels online and offline before deciding to make a purchase), you can never predict exactly when a user is willing to do something. Inbound and outbound marketing funnel (funnels) are still very up-to-date and effective, but they do not give definitive indications of user behavior in every situation.

For this reason, it is important that the company always offers users the opportunity to follow their impulse and perform an action. Although the prospective customer will be slower to make a final purchase decision in 2021 or to complete a particular promotion in general, he does not want to find any obstacles.

Everything has to work with the least number of clicks and steps, simple, clear and completely fluid. The user should never have to ask how to perform a particular action.

Of course, it is necessary to examine where users can decide on their customer journey what measures they want to take and what these measures can be. In this way, you can either get them to act through content and ad hoc calls, or by placing functions in the right places in the target group’s online journey (personas) that meet their needs to perform specific actions.


In summary, digital marketing will be increasingly strategic and structured in 2021. There is less and less room for improvisation and all tactics and techniques need to be well coordinated to establish a continuous and intensive relationship with current and potential customers.

Companies need to improve the digital marketing skills of their internal employees or turn to reputable and competent agencies, digital marketing experts or freelancers. You should also attach great importance to a centralized use of data, while also aiming for and expanding the connection of various tools such as CRM, ERP, MRM, marketing automation, AI systems, etc. Digitize the processes in the company and combine and use all data that exists or results from it.

Whether you choose Xpert Digital in the field of digital marketing or find another solution, you need to demand and find a high level of expertise in both strategic vision and all key operational tools and trends in digital marketing for 2021.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us. We can help you with our experience and expertise in providing digital marketing services.

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