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How to select a good domain name in 2021?

good domain name
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Selecting a good domain name is not rocket science. All you need is to know the options available and use some simple techniques to get the best domain name for your business. A strong web presence is not just a must, but a boost for your project. You should be aware that your online presence is just as important as your physical presence, as that is where your customers will likely find you.

The foundation on which this presence is built will be your domain name. This explains why some of the shorter and more memorable names have a higher cost and are considered premium domains. If it’s a new business, you probably don’t have the capital to register a premium domain name. However, a little reflection is enough, to be able to mark a place on the web without having to pay a high price for it, obtaining a name that perfectly suits your brand.

Here we will give you some tips to select a good domain name.

1. Include your brand name

Your website is a crucial part of your brand identity, therefore it must reflect your business name. Now, there may be a chance that your company name is already in use, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Before you consider losing your brand name, try getting it on a different domain extension. The Internet has more than 1200 new domain extensions available, such as .TECH, .ONLINE, .SITE, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .STORE, etc., with which you could obtain the name you want.

Extensions like these help identify different industries or sectors and stand out from the crowd. These new domain endings open up a new opportunity to convey your company’s focus if your brand is potentially generic. For example, www.louder.online is a digital advertising agency.

2. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

Imagine a customer telling his friend about your business. Is it easy for them to remember and pass on your domain name? Keeping your domain name simple is usually always best. Avoid odd hyphens, numbers, and spellings that lend themselves to typos. A short domain name will always be memorable.

Consider ensuring a web address that is easy to remember (and spell) while reflecting what your brand is about. Investing in a two- or three-character domain name can be great, but the premium price just won’t be feasible for most startups like yours. The new domain extensions are useful here, as they will allow you to ensure a simple, memorable and, most importantly, available domain name.

Consider the following: the domain name should communicate to the user what the website is about.

3. Have a clear purpose

Find ways to make your domain name descriptive, even if your business name is not. If you already have a customer base, this might not be a concern. However, for most startups, there is a merit in making it easier for new people to know what your business is doing just by knowing your domain name.

For example, when you see a good domain name like www.foodtruck.online, you know that the website has something to do with food or drink.

4. Do a competitor analysis

In addition to considering your consumers and your brand identity, think about how your brand can differentiate itself from your competitors. With billions of active websites around the world, standing out isn’t that easy. Therefore, research the domain name of your competitors and think about what makes you different. How do your clients describe you? Is there a term that you can include in your domain name that helps you differentiate yourself?

5. Look for good domain name options, do keyword research

If your business name is unavailable or expensive, or you just want to explore other domain name options, do a keyword search to get creative ideas flowing. Tools like SEMRush and the Google Keyword Planner can tell you how many people are searching for certain keywords per month and location. Look for the keywords that identify with your business and then check which ones stand out and how popular they are.

If you are thinking of buying a domain name for a new website, you may also be interested in the cost of designing it. You can contact us for that.

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