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Why good web design costs more ?

web design cost
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Web design costs sink into the basement. But those who buy cheaply, buy twice – a statement that is all too often true. How do web design costs are composed? What costs do I have to expect for the homepage creation? These questions will be answered in this article. It is doubtful whether customers’ bills to buy more and more cheaply and also to forego better quality will pay off.

For the customer, this is often only apparent at the second or sixth glance. The entry of the suppliers “We create your website for free…” is probably very tempting – but soberly considered – very unrealistic, especially since such companies have also hired sales staff, who also want to be paid. An entrepreneur will therefore pay attention to such offers. Costs and performance are also coupled with web design.

Yes, the bona fide company may also get its website – it is also online in the end.

Web design is not the same as web design

Are you wearing grey-and-blue trousers and a red Mickey Mouse T-shirt? no? But you are dressed and not naked. The same status as the aforementioned online website. This is also the case with the websites on the web. Some are perfectly tailored to the respective company, moreover practical, because the companies themselves want to incorporate their content. Other websites are just there… Little information content, time-consuming, because it’s not usability-optimized and boring – no AHA effect.


Web design – often not or hardly verifiable for quality for the user

As in the meantime in any industry, the competition is also very high in the web design sector and also flooded by amateurs. Since the customer usually has no idea about the good source code (or can’t have it at all, otherwise he would be a programmer) and also a design evaluation by the customer can only be subjective, many self-appointed web designers make their service attractive only through the price. The result is market flooding of website offerings with web design costs of 300 to 700 euros.

Have you ever questioned this price? For this purpose, websites are created according to the modular principle. Just change the color and logo – and sell a website again. For this, the web design price is again far too high, because in the meantime there are numerous programs that configure a website with the click of a mouse – but from our point of view are only suitable for home use. With such pages, you won’t be on Google – the effect of the site is fizzling out.


John Ruskin has already analyzed:

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When
you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay
too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you
bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.”

Cheap web design cost

And it is precisely these websites, which even advertise search engine optimization, that are available for 600 to 800 euros. The customer then has a new website, because nowadays you have to follow up and be online like everyone else. In the meantime, however, online marketing (also taking into account the law against unfair competition) has been given a significant place in advertising.

This also includes the fact that the websites are also found on Google. Cheap websites almost never get this pleasure. Because a cheap web design does not bring anything in the best case (the 700 Euros could have been saved) or in the worst case conveys an unprofessional image of the company to the outside world. And suddenly cheap is no longer cheap.


Web Design Cost – a simple calculation example

Using a simple web design cost example, you can calculate for yourself how much work can be put into a good website. We will expect and expect a favourable hourly rate of 50 Euros from the following requirements and time requirements:

The first step is always about obtaining information: What is the purpose of the website? What are their goals and who is the target group in the first place?
Time spent: 5h

Includes the definition of the sitemap, the information structure, and the technologies to be used.
Time spent: 3h

Here we focus not only on so-called wireframe models and the visual style, but also on the usability of the user interface for the best possible user experience.
Time spent: 8h

A very important part of the web design process is to choose the right content, photos and videos. And the whole thing should be optimized not only for the visitor, but also for Google.
Time spent: 8h + SEO (16h)

In this phase we develop the website with wordpress, HTML, and CSS. Of course, we also pay attention to the responsiveness for mobile devices.
Time spent: 30h

We test all technical functions, browser compatibility and wonder if the website really serves its purpose.
Time spent: 5h

We can capture and analyze what happens after launch and can fix any errors that may occur, and if you want to, we can also provide support for your website.
Time spent: 8h

The bottom line is that 83 hours of work is now required!

Now we remember the price of e.g. 500 euros net. Makes according to Adam Ries an hourly rate of about 6 Euros. Then the question arises: Which competent web designer works for 6 euros an hour? If you save a little bit on the calculation at one point or another, the quality of the website will also be reduced.

With the Internet, you can reach more than millions of people and also closely monitor your success, thus omitting inefficient advertising. So why save on your most important advertising? Henry Ford said:

»If you stop advertising to save money, you can also stop your watch to save time.»

Online marketing has also become immensely important in terms of legal bases. Take advantage of the trend and contact us!

You can also contact us if you want to know the web design cost of your new startup!

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